Brian Pfeifer

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Brian

I am an educator and game designer who seeks create rich experiential learning environments at the intersection of digital media and the real world. In Soccer, the winning team is not the one who is best at memorizing the rules and history of the game, but rather the team that learns to kick and pass and put the ball in the goal. We need to give learners the tools and playful spaces where they can learn by doing the subject, not just studying it, because education should be awesome.

I seek partners and mentors who are dedicated to realizing and validating new educational techno-methodologies. Have you read The Diamond Age, Reality is Broken, Ready Player One, and The Book of Lenses? If so, we are from the same tribe, and speak the same language. Let's make learning an exciting and rewarding experience for all.


University of Newcastle upon Tyne

MA Applied Linguistics & TESOL

2010 - 2010