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Blending Social Media and a Social Mission
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Since you’re reading my profile, it is highly likely that you’ve received a message from me on cofounderslab. If this is the case, understand that I’ve spent the time and effort to vet over 800 profiles in the Philadelphia area and you were among the 5% I felt may be a great fit for my project. The vetting went far beyond whether you had the proper skills. This is special project with a deep social mission and I want to find the right mix of diverse and passionate people to bring it to fruition. If you’re interested in promoting a better world through sharing humanities stories, read on!

I am working on a web site called “” (no need to look it up as I own the domain, but no landing page is up yet). The idea behind the site is to combine the compelling personal storytelling of a site like with social media style functionality, meaning the user would maintain a profile, build friend lists, share content, and weave their own stories together with those of their family and friends. The sites content will bring together pictures, documents, audio, and video from the user’s life and supplement them with videos of the user explaining the significance of their “artifacts” and then telling the stories behind them. The result could be described as mini autobiographical documentaries.

There is much more to the concept than that, and I’ll gladly share a document that fully explains the project and it’s potential to interested parties. But understand that it is a unique concept and has been enthusiastically received by so many respected people that I quit my corporate job in mid-career (and with two kids and a mortgage) to pursue it full time.

I’m partnered with a tech firm that is providing low-cost development for a small share of equity and thus far the relationship has been excellent. The MVP is in development now and is slated for completion by 11/30/2017. It’s off to an excellent start, however, I’m reaching the point at which there are too many tasks for me to move forward on my own.

I am seeking potential partners with a wide range of skills. Including but not limited to:

Social media marketing – Someone who can run with marketing campaigns that will include both paid advertisements and viral marketing of the sites most compelling content.

Videography/Video Production – Someone who has at least semi-pro skills with video, audio, lighting, and production and is interested in capturing documentary style content. This work will be done as a complimentary service to a small number of users to gather initial content, but will transition quickly to a profit center.

Project Management – I am technically savvy, but not a programmer. Currently my tech workforce is off shore and their project management largely opaque to me. I need someone who can manage their work on this end, attend their scrums, ensure the proper architecture is in place, analyze the quality of their code, etc. Having a third party handle the IT portion of the business is fine for the MVP and early experimentation, but eventually I will need to bring this work back to the US and I’ll need someone to build and manage that team.

Fundraising – While pitching, business plan writing, and networking are three of my stronger skills, having someone to partner with on these tasks would be a welcome addition as I realize I can’t do it all alone.

UI/UX Design and LEAN Experimentation Expert – While my IT vendor is technically capable, their front-end design leaves something to be desired. I am looking for someone to head the user experience facets of the business and act as a key resource during experimentation, focus grouping, and surveying.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to discussing the project with you!


The true creator is necessity, who is the mother of our invention - Plato