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Glad you found my profile...

I am a product manager with experience creating and growing startups and as well as optimizing existing consumer companies. I've built and sold a photo-sharing iphone app. I was on the product team that built from scratch and grew revenue from $0 to $5million (Pet360 was recently acquired by PetSmart for $130million).

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I have a lot of experience thinking holistically about a product - not only about the user experience and feature-set, but also what the marketing plan will be and then executing on that. I've managed UX/Design/Dev teams through agile development cycles.


For the last couple months i've been organizing a group for guys to hang out and chill ( After doing this for a couple months, I've realized that my life would be so much easier if I had that same functionality that meetup gives me for my meetup group, but instead for my regular groups of friends and even my family.

In terms of functionality I'm talking about threaded discussions, event planning, photos galleries, and maybe some additional things that meetup doesn't have.

I see it as a mobile app initially (iphone and android), and the goal of the app would be to help you better manage your relationships with your friends and family.

I know what your thinking... there are a ton of "group chat" apps out there. WhatsApp, Kik, GroupMe, MessageMe, Path, Tango, LINE, Facebook Messenger.
The huge differences I see are the following:
1. these apps are literally just that, group CHAT apps. They don't have planning, they don't have photo galleries, they don't have any type of collaboration/content tools. It's sort of like an ongoing conversation with no way to really look back.
2. The planning aspect will be key. that will be the huge differentiator. None of these apps I mentioned have event planning.
3. You aren't going to be creating separate WhatsApp convos with your Mom/dad and your 18 year old best friend. There's no benefit for your mom to join WhatsApp when she can text. She might join this new app if she can view photo galleries, past conversations, plan events, etc.
4. There could be other functionality added to help with the goal of the app: help you better manage your relationships with your friends and family (for instance allow you to add wiki-like pages to keep information. maybe your band wants to keep a song list).

So hopefully after reading all of this I have at least sparked your interest.
I'm looking for people with the following skils:
- Iphone or Android developers
- User Experience designers (UX)
- Graphic Design

Message me if you are interested!



Drexel University

B.S. Business Administration

2007 - 2007


Baiada Institute