Brian Schwartz

Chicago, Illinois, US

Brian's Skills
Product Management

About Brian

I've worn many hats in the Financial Services industry. I started off as a developer at a software firm in the industry, and I've gone full circle and am working as a developer now at a small trading firm. In between though, I've worked as a Product Manager / Business Analyst & Quantitative Analyst.

Now, I've got my heart set on starting a business. I have a couple of concepts; one or two may be viable. But I recognize that I would benefit with working whose gone through the process before.

I'm not tied to pursuing one of my ideas .... I'm much more inclined to work on a project with the most likelihood of success & if its not my idea, I won't be offended. I'm attracted to starting a firm, not to prove that I have good ideas but to start a good company.

I'm really looking for a partner who wants to be successful & wants to collaborate with someone on the endeavor.