Brian Weinstein

Broomfield, Colorado, US

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Founded 1 startup

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About Brian

Here at this point to just broaden my scope and to explore the community. I'm not actively working on any single idea at the moment, but I am actively surveying for one to sink my teeth into - either my own idea or someone else's.

I have a job I enjoy as an electrical hardware engineer, so as far as time commitments at this point, I would be hesitant to engage in anything more than 10-15 hours per week to begin with.

My primary strength is electrical hardware design with a focus on signal integrity and power distribution analysis. I'm comfortable with Python, MATLAB, LTSpice, and I am currently working on improving my C#, although I would not consider myself a programmer.

I've put together 1 startup before:, which was to be a reverse Urban Dictionary. I put together a team of 3 with no funding and we went through two revisions of the site before struggling and ultimately failing to monetize. It was a fantastic experience for me - my primary goal was initially just to prove to myself I could build something and realize an idea of mine. I accomplished that, but I have an itch to try something new and take it farther...