Yaounde, Cameroon

BRINARD's Skills
Product Management


I'm a young dynamic entrepreneur with passion to create next generation solutions. My focus is on using innovative technologies to solve the bottom pyramid problems in our society today.

Having worked as co-founders in two startups while in School, I now have a venture of my own which I started 3 months after my graduation as a Computer Engineer ( in 2013) with M.Eng Computer Science Engineering from the National Advanced School of Engineering, Polytechnic Yaounde, Cameroon. Entrepreneurship has always been my dream.

Currently, I have enrolled in a PhD program for Engineering Science and Applications in the Postgraduate School of University of Yaounde I, which we have started with a Master Research program in Engineering Science. My Research is on Big Data Analytics and its applications in economic development. This is a continuation of my research work which I started on the 7th of January 2013 at LIRIMA (International Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) on a research contract signed between LIRIMA and Orange Labs / France Telecom, in preparation of my end of studies dissertation (July 1st 2013).

I have been the project coordinator of ASPY (Association of Anglophone Students of Polytechnic Yaounde) during which I spearheaded the organisation of a sensitization tour in 5 regions in Cameroon visiting 125 schools (High Schools) to sensitize them about engineering. It is from this type of activities coupled with others that created a driving force in me to start my very first venture in the education sector.

I'm personally (and currently) working one of my research project in the education sector which is going to yield to a social platform for education known as ScoLinks. Research on the various educational systems that exists was launched in 2013 and is still going on. I would like to team up with talented and smart guys who can share the vision I have and help in developing the business, especially, to make it easily scalable within the shortest possible time frame.
I believe in Synergy.
Together we can do great things.
Innovation - Entrepreneurship - Partnership