Brody Mape

Bend, Oregon, US

Brody's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Brody

My goal is to make it easy to find fun fast. Giving people access to more fun, great memories, potent thrills and loud laughter is our purpose.

After a life of facilitating good times for family, friends, business organizations and social clubs I found two large market needs. 1 - The consumer need to instantly access customized options for things to do in our free time. 2 – A business need to expose events, activities and related amenities to help attain their goals.

After years of working the Lean Startup method, we have researched and developed the first of its kind service that delivers solutions for both the consumer and business needs.

Events & Entertainment, Dining Out and Exercise & Activities are the top 1, 2 and 7 online search categories in the hyper-local space. After years of passion and resolve we have launched our unique marketing platform for the event and lifestyle listings market.

For Consumers, we offer instant mobile access to local events, activities, the locations they take place and the service providers who facilitate the fun. See more about our consumer service at, the menu on the left will provide insight into our consumer offering. Be sure to check it out on desktop and smartphone.

Our Business to Business to Consumer model is the first of its kind and offers awesome growth potential. We deliver our content to partner sites in the manner and with the content type they desire. The market for our service includes; lodging facilities, travel services, residential realtors, commercial real estate brokerages, colleges and trade schools, local publications, radio & TV stations, Blog Sites convention centers and many more. Check out one of our syndication partner sites at and click the “Events” link.

We currently offer our pilot territory a print publication, our direct to consumer web site, multiple partner web sites and a weekly email campaign.

In our research we found the traditional B to C model you find with event listings has several lethal challenges. Our B to B to C model solves these challenges and delivers a service for both consumers and businesses.

We are seeking a technology co-founder to take over the tech development and product management from our current technology vendor. We will consider sweat equity or capital investment at any level.


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