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For me, finding the right people is more important than anything else in creating and producing long term companies. I'm looking for a few individuals to partner up with me on my journey. One would need to be an marketing strategist ( I have a pre-marketing plan ) tailored to my specific age group / Software Game Application, an awesome Unity3D Developer, C / C++ Programmer, UI/UX/ Level Designer and a software engineer.

These individuals need to have a background in iOS Unity3D Game Applications. In other words you NEED to know what your doing. Games for you to relate too are Subway Surfer and/or Despicable Me 2 with a twist of a Tom and Jerry concept. Think Disney.

You also need to have an imagination and be creative, to be my partner. This is an awesome Children's App with great "eye-candy" graphics and animations. This game has enormous potential with the chance for a second and third edition. The App includes many Inn-App Purchases that include boosts, items, tokens AND hidden characters / skins but the App itself will be Free !!

I prefer finding partners and/or a team near my area, in New York, to have meetings and gatherings regularly over a beer or a snack to discuss plans / ideas and goals but finding the right people is priority.

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Pace University

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2008 - 2008