Seattle, Washington, US

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3/2014 - Registered primary domain name and supporting domains.

2/2014 - We have begun working on our beta prototype and are exploring optimal server platforms to ensure a high degree of scalability. Negotiating to purchase domain names to match brand concept.

12/2013 - Have begun outlining elements of our beta prototype. Networking toward some potential early clients and potential early-adopter beta test partners.

11/2013 - A core team has been assembled. Have added another outstanding colleague: an advanced software development engineer, also with multiple patents, currently working with a global e-commerce company in Seattle.

9/2013 - Have connected with an outstanding colleague: a serial e-commerce entrepreneur veteran with prior launch and funding experience, multiple patents, and is currently CTO/CEO of another startup in Silicon Valley.

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About me:

I'm a lawyer with a media background and prior startup and business management experience.

Through research for a media company, I've homed in on an e-commerce solution that has global applicability, a large market sector that is already hungry for it, and other opportunities on the horizon. There is also a substantial "doing well by doing good" element to this, and it will succeed to the extent that it provides benefits to vendors, consumers, and to society. I didn't set out to design it that way; it's just a reality of the market conditions that make this a viable and valuable solution, and I'm glad it has that element.

The opportunity is rather huge for the first mover...which should be us! We simply need to put some good people together and take the next steps toward execution and funding.

My strengths are on the legal side, business planning, pitching presentations to potential investors and enterprise clients, as well as development of the core concept, for which I'm already exploring a patent.

What is needed are additional partners with expertise in e-commerce and software architecture and development, early stage prototyping, and CTO capabilities.

I'm a straight shooter with good business sense, a creative streak, and high expectations. I'm responsible, hard working and a team player, and I'm looking for similar partners to join me in pursuing the next very big thing.