Bruce A McHenry

Technical, Business Development, Design

Menlo Park, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Bruce A

Aiming for big hits that will improve things dramatically, I have been a leading advocate for making buses and cars that couple mechanically in order to form trains on roads and, later, on rails and in subway tunnels. For several reasons, they are the right way to do electric and self-driving vehicles. See the promo video:

As of March, 2015, mostly focused on an app to do HOT lane tolling / on-board signaling / ridesharing, an approach to traffic reduction with great potential once it reaches the critical level of adoption in any given service area.

Spent several decades thinking about how to compensate people for contributing to a Global Mind. Hence planning a new approach to social networking and to develop

Family was in politics and offered me a career in the same. I plan to do the civil service, but only after creating real value by helping to engineer long lasting and universally impacting improvements.


MIT Media Lab


1997 - 1997

MIT - Sloan School of Management


1993 - 1993



1983 - 1983