Bruce Mackintosh

London, United Kingdom

Founder and CEO at - seeking Co-Founder to help us grow
Bruce's Skills
User Experience
Business Development
Product Management

About Bruce

I'm the founder of SoSweat, a Health Tech app and platform that delivers customised exercises and workouts using machine learning. We have built a supporting community to enable users of all levels to achieve incredible results by allowing them to train anywhere, without the need for equipment.

With our vast technical infrastructure and content database supporting our app, we are also moving towards offering a “Fitness as a Service” for fitness professionals and venues worldwide.

With support from Apple for our 2019 roadmap and a an exciting partnership in the pipeline , we want to use our existing momentum to catapult our growth to stratospheric heights.

I am looking for a Co-Founder with business management experience to come on board to help me position SoSweat for a Seed Round of funding. Ideally someone who can help navigate the investment challenges and help scale the business to a £100 million company.

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