Bruno Silva

Coimbra, Portugal

CEO wannabe, Computer Science student & almost a doctor
Bruno's Skills

About Bruno

I always had a special affection for creating things. I feel that creation is the ultimate way a human being has to leave a mark in this world. Some part of you, in the way you thought or the way you see the world is translated in a product, service, or piece of art. The creation of a computer program is very similar to literary work, with the exception that a program can react to the world or a user.


I've been programming and creating websites since I was 14. Most of my past projects were created to help others to share their knowledge or collaborate. Created a keyboard with speakers and an integrated USB hub when I was 15 (and made the electricity go down when adding a backlight to it). I almost a doctor (with 5 years of medical school) but decided to change my life to computer science. Lived and studied in Sweden for a year. Passionated to travel and know other cultures.


Universidade de Coimbra

Master in Medicine

2010 - 2016

Linnaeus University

Bachelor in Computer Science

2019 - 2022