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Bryan Dickson

Engineer, Programmer, Product Manager

Los Angeles, California, US


About Bryan

Bryan’s professional experience includes over 50 mobile apps and games, 4 successful startups and over a decade of software development, design, business and leadership experience. Bryan began his career in games at JAMDAT, which was later acquired [for approximately $680M] by Electronic Arts. At EA, Bryan was one of the first Senior Mobile Technical Directors, leading development of titles for franchises such as Madden NFL Football, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, The Sims and The Simpsons. Bryan has recently served as advisor and CTO during critical startup stages at Lootsie (~$2.5M Seed), WorldGaming (~$10MM exit) and HopSkipDrive (~$10MM Series-A). Bryan earned his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from USC and his MBA from LMU