Bryan Jackson

Jacksonville, Florida, US

Bryan's Skills
Product Management

About Bryan

Essentially looking for a cofounder to assist in the development of a proposed cloud-based gaming content creation entity w/ a unique focus/twist. Would prefer an additional technical co-founder to assist in the setup & development of the entity. Willing to consider individuals w/any of the following backgrounds:
-experience in cloud/network/IT infrastructure
-Computer Hardware
--including, but not limited to programmers/coders (C/C++/C#,etc),app dev's (WinPhone7/8, iOS, Android), indie game devs, or refugees from other gaming content creators/distributors/studios (large or small scale)/social media sites.

Due to the nature of the concept, candidates will need to be able to multitask extensively and as such, duties certainly will vary.

Experience is no object (0-to-retired), neither is there any interest in nor requirement for a minimum GPA. Individuals w/ either lab research (u-grad &graduate) &/or start-up experience will be given more consideration, (but lacking any of the previously mentioned will not necessarily disqualify any interested parties). Will consider business minded individuals as well. Due to the lack of sufficient funding, would prefer US citizens, especially those that are unemployed (yes, you've read that right).

Let me be clear--this is a business concept for GAMING.