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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

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After a career in engineering and law, I became inspired to start doing some basic research on a few questions that had interested me, mostly about the fundamental relationships between light, matter and energy.

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This was undertaken out of pure curiosity, but then I started seeing simplicity and utility which had been seemingly overlooked. The cliche about "fresh eyes to old problems" may well apply.

Now I have two provisional patents and detailed, but confidential, webpages ready for review.

(1) “Continuous radiation pressure.”

Light passing through matter, enhancing and replacing combustion-driven and electrical transportation.

(2) “Low energy pair production.”

Electrons are created directly from light, known as pair production, replacing current generation methods.

These are also known as "gravity transparency" and "photon conversion", or "The Flying Car" and "Too Cheap To Meter".

These are "entirely new", "high-potential, high-impact energy technologies". But are they "Black Swan" or "Tin Foil Hat"? I think I am on to something, and am here to find out.

I am brand new to this. I am looking for comments, advice, possible advisers, possible co-founders and later, when I understand the system a little better, possible funders.

Contact me at bk@suretyinsider with any thoughts.


University of Pittsburgh

BSE Industrial Engineering

1980 - 1980

Duquesne University

JD, Law

1987 - 1987


Attorney at Law