Bryan Lalezarian

Maywood, California, US

CEO at MeUndies
Bryan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bryan

After graduating from Upenn in 2005, I began my professional career in finance working at an investment bank for 2 years (UBS) and a private investment firm for 3 years (Oaktree Capital). During this time, I learned what makes a great business model, what investors look for in a company, what qualities are important in management teams, and why some companies fail and others prosper. I gained a solid understanding of investing, finance, budgeting, valuation, and key operating metrics.
At the same time, I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship and building things. Several years ago, while working full-time at Oaktree, I took a side role as an advisor and active investor to a young fast casual restaurant concept with one store. Through several years of coaching, capital raising and strategy sessions with the founders, we were able to grow this company to what is now a 13 store operation, and still growing. This stretch of building a concept, formulating a strategy and building a company is what excites me most.
This May, I graduated from business school, where I built a strong international network, opened my mind to new perspectives, and further strengthened my foundation as a manager and business leader. During this time, I also met with many entrepreneurs and invested in a couple more young startups on the technology side. I am now more than ever ready to build a visionary company, and I believe I need the talents and drive of a solid partner or two, preferably with a different background as myself, to help me get there.

Work Experience



March 2013 - December 2016