Bryan Mills

Detroit, Michigan, US

Bryan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bryan

Why I'm here: I'm here specifically because I'm trying to find a technical co-founder who is able to, or at least learning to, develop mobile applications on the IOS platform. See I have a, let's just say unique, idea for a new form of social media. Think Facebook, but bigger type of social networking. And seeing as my time is spread across personal development/work/java/ android, I don't have the time to learn OBJ-C or Swift as well as the IOS platform. I need somebody who is trying to make something of themselves, who is able to/learning IOS development.

My Vision: The aforementioned social media is just the beginning of my vision. I'm thinking bigger than just creating a fancy social media application. I'm seeing the power of this media being utilized not for monetary gain, but for humanities gain. I'm not throwing in the typical "I want to make humanity a better place" cliché. Doing the best I can for humanity is the end game behind what i'm doing. And what I see for the future: I see a humanity united towards a common vision. Nations working together as one to pick ourselves up, and build ourselves. Imagine if the world collectively worked together to build Africa up, as an example, so one day they can become a first world country? That's another tool in humanities belt because now they could potentially contribute to our advancement. I know that, that it seems like a farfetched idea, but i'd argue with anybody who says it isn't possible. It is, and it just requires the right people to get the ball rolling.

About Me: I pretty much spend full time working on these ideas only. Wow i don't have much of a social life now that I come to think of it now haha