Bryan Mirkalami

Toronto, Canada

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
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Please proceed reading with the condition of nondisclosure, and non-competition. I have an idea to consolidate multiple categories of business into one app including but not limited to paid ad viewing, low cost file sharing, and paying for files of various formats to gain knowledge or get superb entertainment all in a searchable database that allows third party app/website/OS operators to get out of the business of spying on users, while stopping not delivering properly targeted ads. The skills I am looking for are best met in separate individuals, or even in multiple individuals in each of the areas. I would like to build a big team of expert partners while still not losing control of the business. For the technology side of things I have done plenty of research and I am pretty sure that we will use Meteor.js / Apollo / GraphQL with ReactJS for the web. For the three main mobile as well as desktop platforms, I'd like to go the native code route. Please let me know, what you think. If these technical requirements cannot be met, I will consider alternative routes.


Social security was invented a long time ago by a businessman. It's called a loan from the bank. - Myself

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CEO and president

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June 1995 - Today

I have been teaching English online part time and developing the concept for this business for the past 27 years.


Shiraz University

Drop out

1986 - 1987


Self taught entrepreneur

School of hard knocks