Bryan Smith

Florence, South Carolina, US

Bryan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bryan

The self-publishing revolution isn't so much of an asset for authors as it is for the publishing startup company. There are bajillions of writers out there; the real skill is... actually just listing things on Amazon and marketing said ebooks.

I'm a writer. I've been ghostwriting for years to pay the bills.

I have a LOT of excess literary material laying around (I output around 10,000 words a work-night, and then I fun-write on the side)-- and I want to find a publishing/marketing buddy to essentially take what I've got, toss it up on Amazon as e-books, and then ease into SEO and marketing for said material.

On top of that I'm really flexible, so if a savvy marketer identifies a KPI or a niche that performs, I'll just adapt to that niche.

I've got material laying around for people to peruse through (OPTIONAL; I can write all the copy and come up with tags for it-- marketers don't have to read the material they're publishing to be successful necessarily; as crazy as that sounds!)

Take my books, list them as ebooks. Market the ebooks. Work with me on making more and better ebooks. Grow publishing brand. Bring in more writers under brand umbrella. Not a penny spent. Automatic income.