bryan tai

Sierra Madre, California, US

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Product Management

About bryan

I am looking for a partner who is interest in starting a social enterprise/network focusing on children_development/parenting application platform (mobile apps+website). I have been a programmer+sys_admin my entire adult live, and is fortunate enough to be able to provide for my family doing the things I love most (administrate core business systems for the largest education public sector agency in west coast). I would like to be able to give back more by creating a new platform targeting children/parents (and meaningful investment in children will always have positive ROI in my book), and would love to partner with someone who is as passionate as me about this area, to create, argue, idea-bouncing....and success.

Same as finding true love, I believe a great partner comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's the passion, friendship and trust that will bind people together toward success. Shoot me a message and lets talk.

P.S. My location:CA91024, My contact:bryan0101 at gmailDotCom. I have expertise in Java,C++,networking,big_iron_unix,linux,cloud_env,web framework, oracle|mysql|postgresql, NoSQL database,solr,SAP....