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May 6/2015, joined the market Tugo.com.vn book tours online. Apparently, Tugo no different from the same field sites, in addition to more competitive prices. However, the difference, according to the founder Nguyen Duy Vi, is the close cooperation with partners.
"That is, the partners must ensure the quality of the tour were sold to tourists. Tugo will ensure customer numbers as committed. For its part, the company committed to pay damages to the customer if the customer is not satisfied after the trip, "Mr. Wei explained how the Tugo.

But he also acknowledged, and that this difference is not enough to turn the fact that the online travel market despite its potential, but not many flourishes. "We understand the nature of the problem is due to lack of confidence. Topsy-turvy situation of some companies in the industry that customers do not believe even in the traditional tourism model, not a model let alone to sell online. Without trust, it is difficult to persuade customers to put money for the tour, there is often no small value, with ... a computer, "he recalls the early days Tails up marketing plans.
The first few months, he Tails as marketing director incredibly strenuous. Hard to earn customers. Then there are many middle of the road had been bad partner, the company must own money to compensate customers.
"But after each such, our customers remember more. We also gradually formed a list of trusted partners. This number is close to half the original list of orientation. But we believe it is time that every plan can start running, "Mr. Wei said.
This time, the game gradually taking shape among the partners that he Tails called dignified, professional. Covenants on the responsibilities given the number of customers who purchase tours through Tugo increased. The partners accept to keep some of the money Tugo tour until getting feedback from customers.
However, he could not dodge Tails fact that, despite the customer-focused, but Tugo then is still a new name, nothing outstanding. While tourism is a seasonal industry, if as from June the domestic tour sailing, island ... emerges, then after September's choice trends such foreign tours to Japan, Korea, USA ... With small and new businesses, the choice of foreign tour will be very tough because of high cost, high risk.
"During the tour to go abroad, we decided to participate dose. Called dose, but we have carefully calculated, if missed this season they did not know our brand has survived not wait for the summer tourist season, "he said Vi.
May 9/2015, Tugo entered the Korean market tour. End of the year, business Tugo become No. 3, behind the big two are Saigontourist and Viettravel, in this market with a frequency of 4 traveling Korean tour a month. Currently, South Korean tour of the company has closed the month 3/2016 arrivals.
From scratch, after 6 months, far more than 1000 per month Tugo in which the proportion of visitors have needs to Korea accounted for more than 30%. Along with that, the cash flow amounted to several billion steady, Tugo can help deploy business operations more efficiently.
According to Wei, has two reasons to go fast Tugo last time. First, the credibility of the first few months Trip just compensation due to customer non-standard partner. Second, start right back trend of Korean travelers line after a period of slowdown. Currently, Tugo is planning to open more tours at the request of customers Tugo.
"For us, if a minute feel neglected and wants of customers, Tugo will lose," Mr. Wei said.
This is also the reason that his company named Tugo. Tu is easily known variants of the tour. "Customers themselves carry backpacks to travel, and accommodation costs for Tugo worry," he said Vi.
Dare to change
Mr. Vi majored in information technology but do not ... graduation. He dropped the final exam to go to work for a manufacturing company of Japanese cartoons in 2007. Then the following year, he moved to game outsourcing company for Vietnam market. In 2010, the center opened Vi stands out in English, but in general there is nothing outstanding, as Vi self comment.
Nguyen Duy Vi apparently popular move schools. But Mr. Wei explained, when starting a business perspective is to step out of the house, just as much impact and never stop learning. All the project's start-Tails starts hitting the actual time.
"Career" by Vi more defined project embarking on his third start-up, it is business online tapioca pudding with impressive names "the Bu Cuisine" in 2014. The cause of the Project this project is quite simple, because Vi does not find no place to sell tapioca pudding tastes right. The gourmet capital, should immediately, Tails see opportunities for themselves.
But "the Bu Cuisine" also quite many setbacks since the beginning of time, the process does not have, access to raw materials is difficult as desired. Mr. Wei told, sometimes improperly allocated flour quality, he was forced to cancel orders and accept a loss, discounts to customers when they order cake next time. Even more, the baker's largely unskilled workers, not familiar with industrial discipline, so it is very difficult to manage. Vi had to manage to cover all, from the construction of the production process, delivery, working with suppliers to train employees at all levels.
Gradually things become more stable, the average day "home Cuisine Bu" producing 200 to 300 units. Many customers have come to bring order to the United States, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France ... as a gift for a loved one.
Hearing him tell, there are two factors that help "Cuisine home Bu" stands. First, quality assurance, no preservatives. Second, apply online marketing methods to save costs.
But the most important seems to be the business strategy based on customer psychology. Since Mr. Wei said, "the Bu Cuisine" does not sell retail cake, only sold by the date fixed for the week. The main way to do this was to create a stimulating, curious to customers from the outset, they will wait to try it. And this time, the quality and taste will determine retention for the next time.
This seems to be the way to go, which he made with Tugo Tails.
But to do this, as Mr. Wei said, is the flexible, ready to change the management team is very important. As a new business, should the current Tugo have this advantage.
"However, flexibility must follow principles. We have a clear assignment of each member to ensure sealing apparatus is believed to be operating as planned, "said Vi share experiences.
It must be added, 3 Tugo founding member of both those with experience in the tourism industry, hotels. They split in charge of important departments of the company.
Floor plan online travel
The early days in 2016, the people you meet, the table and make real determination Tugo is planning new.
Mr. Wei said, they want to open another hotel reservation services to increase market share in the country's tourism Tugo. In parallel, the program will develop a strong membership card issuer (Premium Card), down 10% all by Ugo services including tours, hotels, air tickets. Customers can buy as gifts for partners, friends.
But their concerns are put on the floor model of e-commerce in tourism. Accordingly, the travel company will put products on the floor so that customers choose, experience and service evaluation. Tugo guest lead role. The goal, in 5 years will bring products expanded to other countries in Southeast Asia.
"This project required external resources. Tugo are in the process of looking for investors dedicated to tourism and e-commerce industry, "Mr. Wei said.
But to make this plan is not simple. Because anyway, Tugo is still a new name. As for the big guns in the industry are changing and improving the quality of services to implement their own strategies.
"But small is also an advantage, because we are able to adapt very quickly to the movements of the market," Mr. Wei said.
Besides, in his plan Tails, the major companies in the travel industry involved in the game will make the game more interesting, while improving the quality of tourism in Vietnam. Of course, Tugo also has some disadvantages, namely in terms of finance, but the founders are believed, collective members will Tugo enough to survive