Bulent Arslan

Cupertino, California, US

erksoft, dreamventures, erkyazilim CEO
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About Bulent

I am both an entrepreneur and an angel investor. I have been running www.erkyazilim.com.tr for over 14 years. As an angel investor I have created my own, I have contributed to nearly 10 startups. I took part in the investor club www.etohum.com acceleration program. I've been in Silicon Valley since August 2016. Areas of interest; Content Management, Multi-channel Ecommerce SAS services, Open Innovation, Knowledge management.

Work Experience

CEO & Founder


April 2002 - Today

Determining the vision and work fields that will be used for a long time in the first foundation phase of the company Performing company administration and sales management activities Developing new technology vision project opinions for the improvement of public citizenship relations and leading its execution Management of need analysis, project design, sale management activities of corporate customers together with sub-teams Providing vision to company in product improvement subjects Performing project idea development, project documentation and project administration activities in order to benefit from National R&D (TUBITAK KAMAG) funds between Public-University-Private Industry Providing project idea development and consultancy services to Presidency in social media, digital public relations (development of twitter, Facebook, “ask presidency, “where is the presidency” projects) Coordination of technical and administrative works in order to open the Presidency archive to public



June 2016 - Today

Established with the purpose of utilize Turkey’s experience on internet and archive areas in American market Development of market penetration strategies of the company Preparation of company investment and business plan Market analysis, product analysis, competitor analysis, marketing techniques, Following new R&D trends and development of adaptation strategies and execution of operations Strategic partners in archive-digitalization-meanfulldata-deep learning fields of Silicon Valley and following the growth of the industry Cost effective digitalization of information produced in the archive industry, seeking R&D technologies with the purpose of turning digitalized information into more meaningful data Preparation of work plan of the related technologies to be adopted for our ready products Carrying out necessary network studies with the purpose of establishing a cooperation with Silicon Valley and Universities in California



May 2016 - Today

Leading the generation of innovative ideas in research field and usage of high technology in this field Development of projects and strategies in research field to be used in internet, social media Supporting new product and service market researches for online research subject Participating to company board of directors studies

IT Officer Director


January 1997 - January 1999



July 2007 - Today

Bisorusor.com the people they are helping each other is the social networking platforms. Improved platform and the subsequent R & D is a basis for a very successful system. As of the end of last year passed the "Ask President" http://cbsorun.tccb.gov.tr/ as the project has been recognized at the highest level at an institutional level and to fulfill its mission successfully.



May 2010 - Today

Project investment in Acikinovasyon.com which is the first and only Open Innovation of Turkey which was founded with the purpose of improving the Open Innovation concept in Turkey Performing education-software-consultancy activities in order to improve Open Innovation Mentorship to managers of Acikinovasyon LTD company Realizing lobbying works for the utilization of Open Innovation concept in public


Erkyazilim-JEOIT Partnership

December 2014 - March 2016

Providing administration works in planning, foundation, operation of a new initiative which is founded jointly by Erkyazilim and Jeo IT companies Management of the strategy, risk management, budget, administrative team of archive project performed within the body of ministry of foreign affairs, leadership in first personnel employment, management of customer relationship Participating to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archive consultancy council (Private industry, ministry, state archives, professors from related universities, researchers, prime ministry chief supervisor, Ambassadors) which is organized every month and providing project development presentation Consultancy in archive declassification activities Leading almost 300 personnel, establishment of 3-shift working order Coordination of human resources, agreement management, ministry of labor and attorneys about personnel management Leading project technical improvement meetings Management of business partner relations and providing regular reports to business partner about the project budget and cash flow management Realizing supplier management about the special scanner devices purchased from abroad

Founder & CEO


November 2006 - May 2010

Preparation of business plan for software SAS project developed for Marketplace sellers Determination of market penetration strategies Carrying out Product, Competitor, Market, Price Analyses Management of Internet Marketing team Making focus group studies with possible Customers Coordination of work needs with product management and Software team Management of Customer relations in special software projects Providing balanced performance of investment and operating capital

System Development Manager

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - HEAS

September 2000 - February 2002

Performing system development activities for the structuring of information technology systems in newly created airport Technical and administrative management in planning, establishment and operating of systems such as IGCS, SITA, FPL, BRS, METAR, FIDS, ATIS, ATCS, AODB, Finance Systems, Intranet. Getting the necessary training for aviation systems Determining the needs of airport information systems, analysis, planning and preparing documentation Performing coordination activities with National and International technology suppliers Management of software development team Giving procuration to IT Manager

System Development Specialist

Doğan Dağıtım YAYSAT

November 1999 - September 2000

Performing the publication distribution automation software development of the biggest publication distribution company of Turkey Performing the software coding of publication planning and distribution automation Development of publication expectation and realization algorithms Coordination of customer’s requests and software development activities Analysis, planning and software coding of book distribution project Software development on Unix shell and Windows with Informix 4GL Advanced Informix, ORACLE Data base performance tuning and data base management


Sakarya university

MS of Electric&electronic engineering

1995 - 1998

Istanbul technical university

BS of Electric&Electronic Engineering

1991 - 1995