Bullyscape ~ Zsa Zsa Taylor

Campbell, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Bullyscape ~

Tired of being bullied by society? Feeling beat up and discouraged towards life and you need new friends that value and uplift you? Bullyscape.com provides an escape for those feeling bullied, harassed, victimized or abused in any kind of way. Sometimes society is the biggest bully of them all.

Bullyscape.com connects you in a peer-mentor setting with a colorful, fun, entertaining, services, mental health links, alternative medicines and more.

Aimed at our youth, LGBT, veterans, victims, patients and all those feeling beat up by life. Goal is to keep you from depression and avoiding suicidal options.

I am willing to put in 60 hrs./week to get this to presentation VC level which I estimate, less than 6 months. Would like someone that has experience or working knowledge with depression, suicide, etc. This is not a facebook approach platform.

I have worked all start ups in my career and have a forward moving progressive approach to measurable outcomes. Looking to shake up the mental health industry and making a positive step towards social peer networking.

I am brilliant and need a partner right now.