Burak Karadag

Guildford, United Kingdom

Science Entrepreneur
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About Burak

I do not share the vision of colonizing space to save humanity even though I am an aerospace engineer with PhD. We are given a unique planet supporting many different forms of beautiful life, in a very special location in this endless universe. I do believe we should allocate our resources to do everything to save the Earth instead of wasting our tax money on building spaceships so that the rich people can escape .

Plasma, the FIRST state of the matter, can provide a natural solution to the most challenging problems facing humanity in the 21st century. As a science entrepreneur, I'm looking for co-founder(s) who will take care of the non-technical side of the business (e.g. creating a website, reaching out to potential clients, raising funds and etc.), while I'm focused on the technical side (prototyping and patenting the idea, publishing in scholarly journals/conferences and etc.).

The company, actually I'd prefer to call it a lab, will aim to develop plasma-based creative products with nature in mind (i.e. products that will replace harmful chemicals in many areas of human life) for different types of niche markets (e.g. computer hardware, automotive/sports bicycle, household cleaning/personal hygiene, medicine and others). The first product development project will be decided upon discussions with co-founder(s).


Entrepreneurs are skillful illusionists. - Burak

Work Experience

Research Assistant

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

October 2013 - March 2018


Imagineering, Inc.

April 2018 - June 2018


The Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Ph.D. in Space and Astronautical Science

2013 - 2018