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I am a pioneer in sustainable business management and accounting since 1991, a global professor and trainer, an impact investor, and now a cleantech entrepreneur who has founded and funded two award-winning startups with investors. I am organizer of the Seattle Clean Energy Meetup (1300 members) and the Seattle Impact Investing Meetup (250 members). So I attract a lot of interesting people and opportunities.

I have developed two new ventures that need co-founders who live in the Seattle area, who can contribute 20 hours min a week for 6 months in return for founder shares, and who really want to make a positive difference in our future with a sustainably profitable business.

Venture 1: An Impact Investing app that uses Artificial Intelligence now being developed at UW to find critical sustainability solutions around the globe that need funding. The app will enable people to co-invest with non-profits working in sectors for those solutions. So, the non-profits will happily promote awareness of the app. This product needs a CTO for software dev and integration, and a CMO to build the marketing plan. The business partners and white-label apps are in place.

Venture 2: An on-demand webinar Continuing Professional Education course series on Sustainability for Accountants. CPAs must take 40 hours of CPE courses a year. The accounting associations have published guidelines for sustainability accounting, but almost no CPA knows this. And, most large and many medium and small businesses and organizations want to be sustainable and don't know they can tell their accountants to take a CPE class on sustainability. Once they know, they will! We will pioneer this CPE for CPAs product in a market of over 1 million CPAs who speak English around the world, and become famous sustainability leaders. This venture needs a CMO and a Social Media Manager with experience building teams. This venture has a business plan and partners.

If I can find the right co-founders who LIVES IN SEATTLE AREA, I'll incorporate a new C corporation in the Seattle tech startup Series A model, and give the co-founders most of the shares. I can do biz dev for both ventures, but I won't run them as CEOs. I really just want these ventures to exist because they have potential to do massive good for our future.

More about me:
The first company I founded, Hydrovolts Inc., won numerous prizes and raised $3M and was acquired by a Wall Street firm. www.hydrovolts.com My second company, Hydrobee.com, has developed personal renewable energy systems to generate USB charging power from cooking heat and from motion. The company has investors and recent funding.

Before founding Hydrovolts I was a clean energy consultant on tidal power, and an international consultant on cleantech for developing countries. I worked for the US Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations, and lived and worked in 16 countries. Before that I was a cleantech expert at the Washington Department of Ecology, and an environmental planner at the US Army Corps of Engineers. I have Masters degrees in Business Administration and in Marine Affairs from the University of Washington and an honors BA from Harvard College. My personal webpage www.cleantechmentor.com has more information.

Interested people can reach me here or at burt@hydrobee.com. You MUST be based in Seattle area since this is going to be intense and personal and fun!


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