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I am an international cleantech consultant coming to market with my second clean energy company in Seattle, Hydrobee SPC. The first company I started, Hydrovolts Inc., won numerous prizes and raised $2.8M and was acquired by a Wall Street firm. www.hydrovolts.com The new company, Hydrobee, has developed a home renewable energy system to generate USB charging power from cooking heat and from motion. The company has investors and recent funding.

Before founding Hydrovolts I was a clean energy consultant on tidal power, and an international consultant on cleantech for developing countries. I worked for the US Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations, and lived and worked in 16 countries. Before that I was a cleantech “pollution prevention” expert at the Washington Department of Ecology, and an environmental planner at the US Army Corps of Engineers. I have Masters degrees in Business Administration and in Marine Affairs from the University of Washington and an honors BA from Harvard College. My personal webpage www.cleantechmentor.com has more information.

After managing a study on tidal power generation, I founded Hydrovolts to develop small hydrokinetic turbines to make power from irrigation canals found around the world. I built and demonstrated a prototype, won awards and business plan contests, raised $2.8M and hired 10 people with a small factory in South Seattle. I became an expert in micro-hydropower. Just prior to our first sales, one of the investors, a Wall Street firm, offered to buy the company. It was sold in May 2013 and I stopped participating in it. While at Hydrovolts I learned about great opportunities in various areas for micro-hydropower and now I am pursuing some of them.

I am launching Hydrobee to target a billion people living off grid who cook every day, and now they can make USB charging power for phones lights and more from their cooking operation and from motion of wind, water, bikes, wagons and more. The team includes Dane Roth, who was my industrial designer at Hydrovolts. Dane was the lead designer for the Clarisonic skin brush, sold last year to L’Oreal for $500M.

We are building our team and I need a product manager and a social media manager. The Product Manager will lead the development, testing and manufacturing. The Social Media manager will lead a crowdfunding campaign, a company social media program, and marketing analysis. They MUST BE based in Seattle area and able to work with us this summer intensely during July-September. I am offering equity in the company and share in cash generation from crowdfunding. Total compensation will depend on qualifications and the expected contribution, set with milestones.

Interested people can email me at burt@hydrobee.com. You MUST be based in Seattle area and able to work downtown this summer with us.


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