Edward Lee , Founder

Business Developer, Marketer

East Brunswick, New Jersey, US

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About Edward

I am looking for a partner/adviser who can help my business growing. The site I will develop is an online seller and buyer matching service provider. It links and shares resources all over the world. Using our service, users can easily find products and services they couldn’t on Google, Amazon, or Craigslist.
The site will be able to match all of the strengths of the websites listed below to provide a novel marketing and shopping service for both seller and buyer.

- Amazon(36M product listing)
- Google Shopping(Online Search)
- Craigslist(Offline Search)
- Facebook(Social Network)
- Alibaba(Foreign Product Sourcing)
- Shopsavvy(Mobile Shopping)
- Priceline(Price Bidding)
- Uber(Service Sharing)
- Linkedin(Find Right Person)
- Freelancer(Skill sharing)
- etc..

Through my experience with online sales as a founder and online sales manager for the past 8 years in electrical supply and high-end fashion clothing, I have tried to find the best approaches for offline sellers to compete against online majors. Local sellers can’t beat online majors in the current online marketing frame. However, my business idea can create a totally different marketing frame will allow all offline and online sellers to exercise the online market to its full potential.

Business Development
Product Management
User Experience
Managing People