Evelyn , Founder

Business Developer

Toronto, Canada

Evelyn is looking to join a startup

Evelyn is looking to join a startup

Can commit to working

20 hours per week

Is able to invest

Sweat equity only

Relevant industries

Mobile Consulting B2B Services


Managing People
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Evelyn

I'm a client advocate, with excellent client-relationship management skills and sales abilities. I thrive and excel in being at the forefront of a company and have great success with face-to-face interactions and building long-term relationships. With superior social and interaction skills, I am persuasive and a great negotiator within the business arena. I have some experience in project management and ensuring flawless execution of project-related materials. I am interested in and flexible to different industries, however my strong passion lies in client-relationship management, dealing with people on the business end and internal operations/strategy.

I have an education and career background in the legal field as well as business, with a history both in the public and the private sector. I am looking to step in & be involved hands-on with someone's venture as a partner or in an executive capacity.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via LinkedIn.


York University

Law and Society

- 2008