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Thomas Hecht


Business Developer

Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., US


About Thomas

I had about $15k in sales last year with a 25% margin testing my model.

I invested in an attractive and adaptable custom Magento site, have a solid name and domain. I'm ready to pump money and time into BD and other minor site tweaks. There's solid supplier interest and investor interest at efficiently attainable milestones. I'm looking for co-founders to help catalyze. Specifically, helping select product mix, vetting suppliers, contacting media, and helping generate organic traffic.

This is a disruptive platform capturing a large market. We have a lean execution strategy, small investment ready, we're looking for anyone who wants to support. Equity will be a function of contribution. Ex: Any contribution time, money, connections, etc. will be quantified, put into a pool, and divided to get an equity percentage. Contact me with your skill set, location, etc. and ask any questions.

Managing People
Product Management