Buster Collings

Austin, Texas, US

Buster's Skills
Product Management

About Buster

I get things done. I work smart. As a serial entrepreneur I've had successes and failures. I can do just about anything, but I find that it's harder to find good software developers more than any other role; so, I'm good to make that my focus and let my partners focus on the other critical roles: marketing, business development, etc.

I'm fully committed to these endeavors; this is my day job!

I'm currently focused on http://EmailMeTweets.com which I built as a personal project; but there might be an opportunity to capitalize on it.

I need somebody who wants to own the marketing and growth side, so I can focus on the technology.

I've started marketing by following social media pros on twitter and contacting them directly. This service needs to grow into hundreds of thousands of users, so it's definitely at the infant stage.

Let me know if you're interested and want to know more!