Butch Hill

San Francisco, California, US

Butch's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Butch

I am an extremely hard working person who lives for setting meaningful goals and then achieving them. I won't try and oversell myself with all the cliche's you would expect, but what I do state will be confirmed by people I work with and people who know me. I operate in a segment of the food industry that is vitally important and lacking in many efficiency's. Over the years I have addressed the issues that face my industry and through much feedback I have designed a mock-up of the service I want to offer.I have lots of expedience in Sales, Management and Product Development with deep understanding of the industry we will be performing in.

I am looking for a Talented Technical Co-Founder to help me build what I have designed. I will fund this project and offer competitive salaries to all the additional team members we bring in to facilitate the launch of the MVP.