Byron Hayes

College Park, Maryland, US

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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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Look, I am back on because it's time. No time is better than now. I need a mobile programmer who is beyond an expert and who wants to be partners with me. I need someone immediately! Technology can not wait! I'm not looking for you to work for free. We will be equal partners, I have an Inc. business already so we can split shares; and if needed, I can figure out how to compensate you also.

I ... No WE need this now

(old profile below)

Lets not bore you, I am trying to change the world (like every entrepreneur) however, every time I come up with something unique companies like facebook end up getting close to figuring out my scheme! So, I have made business plans, created small apps to try to build some capital, spoke to investors..but what I really need is someone who can build my ideas (or our ideas) into reality so I am not just pitching an idea but an actual product!

Would you like to join me, or could I join you and we build something that we love to share with the world!

Future plans:
- Get demos created
- Apply to some accelerators
- win win win!


University of Maryland at College Park

BS Art and Graphic Design

2012 - 2012