Byron Morgan

Norfolk, Virginia, US

Byron's Skills
Product Management

About Byron

I am an experienced music producer and marketeer with over 8+ years of experience in the media & entertainment business working in various aspects including periodicals, telecommunications, music booking and promotions, and music distribution. During my tenure in this industry, I worked closely with IT departments to solve problems surrounding the adoption of the cloud into their business models, monetizing the new opportunities created with it's deployment, and managing the cost of implementation.

Creative energy and the ability to manage the un-manageable is essential to considering a co-founder. I consider myself balanced in my skill set and a co-founder sharing this ability will be strongly considered. I hope to align myself with an individual who not only has a passion for entrepreneurship and the solving of a problem with the Vinylmint technology, but also a shared since of purpose for the reasoning behind Vinylmint.

Vinylmint will organize the world’s music and make the sound design process more accessible and useful to everyone. This is a vision that my business developer must make his own.