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Technical, Strategy, Product Management

Washington, D.C., Region, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

Age Group


About C

I'm good at thinking clearly, analyzing problems logically and coming up with solutions that are often simple in nature and profound in impact. I'm also good at communicating my thoughts clearly.

I currently work for a financial giant in the DC area and am into designing and building software systems. I feel that the skills I am developing and honing in this particular job make me better at problem solving. In particular, I'm trained to understand the current state, constraints of the current ecosystem, develop a vision for target state and a phased approach to realize that target state. I believe that these skills are transferable to and will be helpful in entrepreneurship.

Several years ago, I tried, unsuccessfully, to launch a PC manufacturing business. It was life-altering learning experience. I had learned so much about what it takes to take off in India. In particular, I had learned that a person you like and your ideal partner may not be one and the same.

Apart from that venture, I had done an academic exercise few years ago to understand one of the key problems associated with education in India - students lacking conceptual understanding. I have documented my analysis and observations at


Technologist, Thinker