Caleb Leong

Singapore, Singapore

General Practitioner | Gamer | Looking for Technical/Business Co-founder for Kid's Edtech Game
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About Caleb

I am a practicing General Practitioner with a passion for game development and educational technology.

I founded Thinkofmagic Studios with a mission to make screen time productive for kids in today's digital age where every kid, and even toddler, owns a device. In 2017, I began my dream of directing the development of The Brain Train, a children's educational point-and-click adventure game. I am a one-man team so far, working on a contract/freelance basis with my developers, artists and writers.

The Brain Train is my solution to a growing problem in raising children today — kids are being extremely unproductive with screens. Technology is here to stay, but there had to be a way to harness it's benefits of interactivity and application, while minimising it's disadvantages of being filled with unproductive distractions. I wanted to make screen time productive, educational and worthwhile. And so, I created The Brain Train, an interactive point-and-click adventure storybook with an emphasis on improving general knowledge and practical life skills, which are essential to preparing a child for life itself. Some of the many skills it touches on include cooking, the best way to do chores, sport, hobbies, musicality, budgeting, and finances to name a few. And better yet, the kids will enjoy learning all that through mini-games, puzzles, a hilarious cast, and an amazing story.

Things I have done so far:
- Please check out our progress at
- We are in the midst of development and have created 50% of the assets required and created a light demo containing some of the educational features
- I have set up our Kickstarter page for the launch at:
- I have built a social presence on Facebook (5500 followers), Instagram (2000 followers), Twitter (2000 followers), and a mailing list of 2900 so far
- I have data from 3.5 months worth of facebook ads used to generate our leads using our very own magnets -- illustrated storybook and coloring book from and
- I have obtained great feedback from our target audience from all over the world in the form of recorded video reviews and blog reviews

I am heading into a Kickstarter campaign soon with the aim of building a community, building large-scale social proof-of-concept, and generating funds to complete The Brain Train.

I am an easy to work with, passionate about The Brain Train, meticulous to detail, and dedicated to finishing this game. Being a doctor, I have a background in science and research, which has proven invaluable in developing the educational features of the game. I have an eye for creative direction and game design, have picked up a lot of experience so far in game development, and marketing and advertising.

I am looking for a Technical Co-founder who believes in our vision and The Brain Train, and has a background in Game Development/Programming in languages like C#/C++/Unity Game Engine. An added bonus would be experience in business development and having startup experience. The role of such a co-founder would be to review game development reports, have an understanding of the costs and requirements for development so as to guide development, financial and technical decisions, and preferably have business know-how to discuss business development decisions.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin


University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

2008 - 2013