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About Robert

We are four graduate students at MIT Sloan School of Management with a passion for social impact. With diverse backgrounds in finance, strategy, and marketing we desire to use business practices to better our generation. We are seeking a programmer who can help us build an online platform called YouVest.

YouVest is a crowdfunding platform to match social enterprises with individual investors. We want to revolutionize the way individuals fund social enterprises, from the current donation model, to create a new dual-bottom line asset class through crowdfunding. YouVest is special in four ways:
1. Quantification: YouVest will combine the latest evaluation tools to quantify social impact (e.g. GIIRS)
2. Social Impact Portfolios: We will be the first site that allows users to track their impact per dollar invested.
3. Building Social Capital: Investors will share their portfolios with the YouVest community to get peer recognition for their impact, encouraging more users to join the platform.
4. Storytelling: As McKinsey reckons, crowdfunding projects ‘can have amazing numbers, but if they can’t tell stories, they’ll end up losing people’. YouVest will ask projects to create great videos so investors understand their social impact portfolios will translate into long-term social benefits.

We hope you are interested in joining our fun-loving group to make a positive impact on society.

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