Cameron Marlow

Fayetteville, North Carolina, US

Cameron's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Cameron

I am interested in a COO or president's role in a organization.

I bring fifteen years of Biotech management and three years of executive management experience in publicly traded, private, academic, and government organizations. Throughout my career I have built teams, established networks, and improved business stability.

My knowledge of relational data management has allowed me to design and understand company workflows. This is not limited to biospecimen management; other areas include inventory control, procurement, operations, and sales management. I have designed and implemented seven relational databases and have published twelve publications about data in oncology. I am currently working on LIMS deployment at Adaptimmune.

I have successfully built three sustainable biorepositories/laboratories that adhere to CLIA and CAP guidelines. This included all aspects of laboratory function; staffing, IRB/ICF approval, equipment, property management, and partnership building. These facilities are revenue generating and are in full operation today. At Johns Hopkins I used existing services to develop new products such as worldwide cell line distribution.

I have always shown integrity, empathy, and reliability. I am not afraid to call things as I see them. In industry integrity is always tested and as a loyal employee I will stand up for what is right. I have successfully lead teams by having empathy with my colleagues. Cross continents or states I will always be there to support my team. At in Indivumed I was responsible for teams in Washington DC, Danville PA, and Hamburg, GmbH.