Camillo Archuleta

Springfield, Massachusetts, US

Trying to get a small startup off the ground
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About Camillo

I worked for a large P&C Insurer for a few years as a commercial lines underwriter. Then I decided that I wanted work on building something special that could potentially help the world. I decided to attend go to the Isenberg School Management in order to earn an MBA and find a new path. While at school a group of students started getting involved with startups at Valley Venture Mentors. One of the companies that I started working with is a company called Social Worker Connect. It is a company that was founded by Ramon and Niki who were both social workers with the Department of Children and Families.

They realized that there were many problems within the entire industry. The first problem that they chose to tackle is the referral process. We were able to prove that this was a real problem and were able to secure a seed round of funding. At this point we have built a MVP that is validating that the problem exists and people want a solution.

At this point we are ready to start building a more robust product that solves additional problems that we have uncovered in the field. We are looking for a technical co-founder that is interested in building this next generation product.