Candice Smith

Portland, Oregon, US

Visionary founder & CEO of a digital heath platform; experienced fundraiser and non-profit leader
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About Candice

Inspired to change the experiences for all family caregiver in 2017 Candice founded Caregiven following the death of her father. Caregiven is her first start-up in the for-profit space, she has an established history as a serial entrepreneur in the nonprofit sector. Prior to Caregiven, Candice spent 20+ overseeing alumni, development, fundraising and public relations for colleges and universities both her in The States and in Australia. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Candice currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her family.

About Caregiven (
Focused on empowering families without overwhelming them, Caregiven’s digital health platform provides caregivers with an interactive roadmap to the end-of-life process that addresses the medical, legal, logistical, interpersonal, familial, and legacy-creating aspects of this life stage. Knowing what to expect, when, can mean the difference between losing hope, living with regret, or rising confidently to a role that few want to play, but many are honored to fill.

Applying research by influential scholar on death & dying, Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, Caregiven operates using an AI guided interactive prompt system (chatbot) that acts as a virtual case manager, breaking caregiving down into discrete tasks, empowering users to move forward, recognize progress, manage complexity, and navigate the caregiving process with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they did the right things at the right time.

Caregiven is an enterprise SaaS platform with clients from the elder care, trust & estate, employee benefits, death services and healthcare industries. The company acquires users through these partnerships and is monetized through integration services, subscriptions, and licensing data and insights.

The company has utilized a user-centered design process and deep customer inquiry to develop the Caregiven solution which is demonstrated via an Invision prototype. Interest from multiple pilot partners is strong and the founder is looking to build out the executive leadership before initiating initial fundraising.


"One day the people who never believed in you will brag about how they used to know you." - -unknown


University of Oregon


1991 - 1994


Women's Startup Lab


XXcelerate Fund


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Oregon Bioscience Incubator - Digital Health Annex

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