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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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About Captain

We are a ship-based community that is passionate about expanding our on-board culture of trust, sustainability and collaboration. Since 2013, our Foundation has involved more than 400 volunteers to help us transform a century old ship into a dynamic meeting place for artists and travellers. The success of this endeavour has strengthened our belief in a people-centric marketplace and grown our passion for a greater adventure. We are now determined, with support from our homebase in the Netherlands, to equip a larger, seaworthy ship and crew for an international journey of art, music, connection and trade. This transformation and voyage will, in collaboration with our sponsors and volunteers, exhibit the exchange of ideas, skills, stories and goods with local communities and embody our belief that it is only with each of our individual stories that we are able to tell one, whole story together; the story of the Adventures of the Valparaiso.

We invite you to join us in achieving this brave, collective vision.