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Carl Hunter Roach

Technical, Business Development, Product Management

Reading, United Kingdom


Age Group


About Carl

Based in Windsor, Berkshire

Working @Midnight30Ltd on @GreatCareersApp

Developer: databases, hypertext systems, CD-ROM publishing
Business: publishing, mapping, online reference, recruitment

First start-up: 1999; Linux-based, dictionary/reference aggregation


Problems are like onions; is there a problem beneath the problem you strive to solve? - C D Hunter Roach


On second start-up @GreatCareersApp

Work Experience


Midnight 30

July 2015 - January 0

Frustrated by today's job boards and their application technologies? It starts with the first search results returned: a list of nameless companies, poorly written descriptions and often with the vaguest idea of where - don't they know "London" is a big place? Candidates are frustrated and enterprises poorly represented. So we started Midnight 30 and developed Great Careers to address these problems. It's a job board that takes the pain out of job boards:- no fictional jobs, no ads without a company name and no redirects to apply for a job.