Carl Lehmann

Dallas, Texas, US

Carl's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Carl

Needed; Visual Studio/ C / SQL / Web developer. I have a proven consumer market. Would like to build 1st editions and go compete. My tested prototype offers a superior product and should dominate the niche. This is a consumer app for Home PC and Mobile market via web. Information service and software . Compensation is Partner's Capital Account/ with Profit/ Loss distribution from operations. Sweat equity for ALL concerned. After new firm has market share and stable revenues; we may convert to full time as employee # !; and 2. And proceed to growth stage. A US Citizen, residing Texas is required. Consultants seeking paid hourly fee basis contract, need not respond.


SMU Class of 1978 Richland College Class of 1980

BS - Psychology, minors Sociology , Education . AAAS - Real Estate

1975 - 1980