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I am close enough to being a Serial Entrepreneur. With over 30 years in the business sector, I have had the opportunity to start 2 successful apparel companies and 1 online social network called (now

As an innovator, I am now in the process of finding an art designer with strong animation skills (think Family Guy type animation).

I have a very unique idea for a new animated television/web series that I believe would have great success (yeh I know everyone says that) and I am looking for an individual with the necessary skills to help me create a 5 to 7 minute teaser episode, or at minimum help me map it out professionally.

One area of uniqueness (and there is more) is that my shows Main and Supporting characters will be developed from real life people that this show and complete storyline is based on.

Yes there is more uniqueness but only those who are prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement will receive additional information related to this project.