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Roslyn Heights, New York, US

Working to make the startup world a better place
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Are you enthusiastic and knowledgeable about startups? Want to improve our startup ecosystem and make the world a better place? If so, you might be a good fit for StartupDevKit.

I'm looking for a few individuals to join my startup and become co-founders who live in the greater NYC area who meet the criteria at the bottom of my description.

Check out the info below to see what is all about.

About StartupDevKit:
StartupDevKit is essentially a startup incubator and accelerator. We offer startup development kits full of proprietary & some third party guides, templates, lists, and directories.

The contents of the kits are catered towards specific startup stages to help startups grow smarter and faster. The kits can be purchased and downloaded. In addition, we're creating courses with these and supporting materials to give startups a greater learning experience and give them the maximum boost.

SDK solves multiple pain points that startups face in the pre-seed, seed, and early stages. We have and are continuing to build a majority of startup best-practices resources across multiple disciplines in one centralized location, StartupDevKit, to make starting up and growing easier and faster.

90% of startups fail and so not only are we helping them succeed in a scalable way for StartupDevKit, we provide information on why 90% of startups fail with over 70 root causes from the top 20 reasons for startup failure with explanations on why those root causes happen and how to avoid those pitfalls in the best possible ways.

StartupDevKit's Company Culture & Work Environment:
I'd like my work environment to be filled with positivity, creativity, transparency, fairness, and to be able to enjoy each other's company. I like the mentality of learning new things that either complement or strengthen your existing skills. One of my mottoes is to never stop learning.

About Me:
Personally, I love startups and I'm enthralled by the innovation that startups bring to our world. I've been working on startups since 2007 via my own previous startups and other people's startups.

I haven't outsourced anything until recently when I got an intern to help on some projects, but her internship has ended. Otherwise, I've been doing everything else on my own, from web design to content development to graphic design, marketing, public relations...yeah I'm a DIY kind of guy and I'm being patient in my search for exceptional co-founders.

I have specializations in startups, marketing, analytics (I recently became Google Analytics Certified), operations and strategic business development. I have experience using growth hacking tactics and am capable of employing them for conversion rate optimization. I've learned how to code in HTML, CSS, some basic JavaScript and PHP, but not much in the latter two.

I learned some coding to better understand it myself, gain insight, and help me with basic stuff, but not to become a full-time programmer. That has enabled me to translate business requirements into technical requirements and vice versa.

You can find me on social media and the internet at:

I'm Looking For:
A technical co-founder who can: Code web software with PHP & JavaScript, who can debug, do SEO site speed enhancements using compression, reduction of inline CSS, create good/enhance my UX/UI, graphic design skills are a plus.

A marketer/business developer to assist in the widespread strategy I've laid out for social media, organic, email, and paid marketing across multiple channels as well as assist in public relations.

A COO/Product Manager - to help run operations, manage the product, and develop product content.

Please get in touch if you're interested.


Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you. - Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos


Binghamton University

Political Science

2008 - 2008


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