Carlos de Santiago

New York, New York, US

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Business Development

About Carlos

I come from a technical entertainment and garment design background in Las Vegas,NV. In 2009 I veered from designing wearables into designing utilities and thus began looking into IP protection, I fell in love with the broad functionality one can attain via utilities. To my disappointment, my first patent was not issued due to an existing slightly similar patent that had been submitted shortly before mine. I was left sitting on 2 1/2 years of market research and industry contact lists. I decided to turn make the best out of my situation and pitched myself as a licensing agent to the patent holder who's application voided mine. There's been no going back for me ever since, I'm borderline obsessed with helping patent holders find work for their patents. I wish to build a company around this service and am looking for technical partners to embark on this journey with me, together we can help support middle class creativity by helping creatives find compensation for their creations. Here's what I'm looking for:
1. Marketing - I need a creative partner who can help create and maintain our company's brand image, someone who i can collaborate with to bring creative multimedia marketing campaigns to fruition and can help me further reach my prospect clients.
2. Business Developer - Ideally somebody who's been through the startup process before, is familiar with the technicalities that come with starting a company and can help with business strategy, business background is a plus.

Collaborate with creative individual who's curious about your technical experience and will greatly respect your for it, who loves what he does, who can make the most of rough times and is never too tired for some comic relief. Come collaborate with me.


International Academy of Design & Technology

Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Design

2008 - 2008


Stanford Venture Lab - Startup Boards