Carlos F. Moreno

San Juan, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, US

Carlos F.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Carlos F.

Looking for a co-founder to help me change the world for older adults (50+).
What I need:
• A person that complement my shortages
• Business developer
• Computer/Internet power user
• Bilingual (Spanish-English)
• Sales and marketing oriented
• Financial knowledge a plus
• Communication skills (and very soon) is a Social Business, primarily a web directory where Older Adults (OA) and their families and friends can find almost information related to their needs. Initially, it is comprised of the following 6 modules:
• Directory of businesses and organizations related to OAs
• Sophisticated Events Directory listing all kinds of activities for OAs
• Classifieds specialized for OA
• Articles with relevant information to enhance the lives of OAs
• Daily Deals (similar to Groupon) for OAs
• A Blog to encourage conversations and discussions between the OAs community
— Notice that all the modules above have a powerful integration with Facebook and Twitter
It’s very important to point out that (AMO) is a Social Business, in which after achieving self-sustainability, all proceeds will be invested in the creation of additional self-sustainable social enterprises (using the same business model) that fills other needs of the OAs population.
Most revenue will come from advertising in the form of:
• Business and organizations Listings
• Events listings (entertainment, education, activities etc.)
• Classified advertising listings
• Banner’s advertising Spanish language target market:
Puerto Rico, United States Hispanic population, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin, Spain
Puerto Rico (Starting location and laboratory)
• 33% (1.2 million) of Puerto Rico’s population is over 50 years and growing
• Of these, over 681,500 are between 50 and 65
• 60% surf the Internet in their free time*
• 50%+ make online purchases*
• 76% have created a profile in the social networks (mainly in Facebook)*
*Source: Arteaga & Arteaga 50+ & Fabulous 2013 older adults market study English language target market: United States, Canada and the Caribbean Basin
• According to Nielsen Boomers 2014 study 33% of the US population are Boomers.
• According to Nielsen Boomers 2014 study 53% of Boomers are on Facebook
• More information upon request
In five years, close to 50% of the U.S. adult population will be 50+
and older and they will control 70% of the country’s disposable
income. What’s more, they stand to inherit $15 trillion in the next twenty years.