Carol S.

Newport, Rhode Island, US

Carol's Skills
Product Management

About Carol

I have developed an MVP (minimum viable product),, that combines social sharing and content discovery in one Web/mobile platform. I'm a engineer/developer with ~20 experience in IT, the last 15 yrs on the Web. I have worked at small startups, large corporations and everything in between. I co-founded an e-commerce startup, and ran a CMS business for 8 years. 3 yrs ago I returned to work as an s/w engineer for a large company. However, I'm still drawn to being a technical founder.

I'm looking for an advisor / business developer or another technical co-founder who is equally excited about social media and the premise of in1. I'm not yet ready to leave my day job, but intend to as soon as I can find a trustworthy partner(s) who is willing to 1)share equity, 2) help raise funding and 3)accelerate the project. I would like to act as CTO, and continue with development of our Web/mobile platform.

I'm also willing to provide my technical/developer skills for startups seeking to create an MVP / functional prototype in exchange for business development efforts for in1. Follow me at