Caroline Caselli

Berkeley, California, US

Caroline's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Caroline

I'm looking to partner with a kickass co-founder or a developer who is very interested in working on the issue of affordable housing. Specifically, my ideal partner in crime is technically proficient in Mongo DB and React. I'm willing to work with someone who just wants to do it as a side project for right now, but ultimately, I'm looking for someone who can really invest their time/skills and be true co-founder. While I chose "sweat equity only", I'm also amenable to co-funding the business, if that is something that is appealing to you.

I'm a former social worker that spent 4 years learning about all the inefficiencies in the affordable housing space. I quit my last job in December 2014, and have been working on Haven Connect ever since. I have one full-time engineer, but I'm looking to add more folks to engineering.

An overview of the affordable housing property management field (niche, I know): Right now, there are three major players - Yardi, Real Page, and Boston Post. Yardi and Real Page have awful UX/UI but have 90% of the market, while Boston Post has 3% of the market with better UX/UI. Right now, none of these companies deal well with housing applications piece. I'm looking to streamline this piece of the market and then ultimately integrate with the property management systems, so property managers can avoid the data entry that comes when you receive 5k housing applications in 2 weeks.

I'm doing this because I think it's insane that low-income applicants (and their social workers!) are still handwriting applications. Tenant advocates have never tried to address the supply side problems (data entry, staff time wasted on phone calls when there could be an online app for that), so that is what Haven Connect is trying to do - reverse engineer the housing crisis. If that sounds appealing to you, feel free to ping me at caroline [at] havenconnect [dot] com.


University of Southern California

BA Communication; BA Gender Studies; Minor Photography

2008 - 2008