Caron Goode

Lake Elsinore, California, US

Caron's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Caron

The Academy for Coaching Parents International, founded in 2004, needs to regain its global presence exceptionally fast, after the vicious malware hack in January, 2013, took its three sites down and losing first quarter profits.

Our Internet presence includes the main site:, a parenting and family professionals excellence center ( for continued learning and courses to license to leverage their expertise and build successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

The requested expertise is in two areas:

1. Marketing expertise, global connections in coaching industry for feet-on-the-ground partners in other countries to buy translation rights, train trainers, and partner with this organization to grow globally. Have established this already in Istanbul, Malta and in discussion now with parent educator in India.

2. Re-establish the global reach on Internet through websites upgrade\\overhaul, built for SEO, beauty and Google ranks...refined Internet presence, marketing, and social media for lead generation. Need to accommodate the products launches for events on calendar, create special webinar events to grow organic traffic, systemize launch system for automatic marketing and set up the analytics, email metrics, produce videos and free e-learning opportunities, establish digital library for course texts ,
video production for learning tools complete e-learning center, and whatever will make this fly - that is your expertise.

About ACPI
The Academy for Coaching Parents, a leading global organization for training and certifying parenting coaches and consultants, facilitates positive transformation in human relationships, featuring the science of parenting and the art of coaching in bonding, connection, responsiveness and structure for assisting parents and families through issues, transitions, communication and discipline, which means to teach, guide, or model.

Our mission is to transform relationships through conscious caring, connection, and compassion. Our programs draw on the hard science of how the brain works, emotional skills and self-regulation, how core temperaments influence behavior and adaptive skills, combined with well articulated tools and methods.