Carson Franklin

Monterey, California, US

Founder @ Central Coast Information Systems, Franklin Technology Management & 1up Cloud, LLC.
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Cloud Computing IaaS
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Managed Hosting
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Managed Services
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Cloud Computing
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Carson

I successfully founded a Managed IT Service Provider company in 2007. We service clients in Legal, Medical, State / Local Government, Law Enforcement, Non-Profit, and For-Profit Businesses. We were an early adopter of Cloud and SaaS based solutions, and continue to provide a comprehensive, managed, cloud-focused, and secure solution for our clients.

In 2017 I also founded a specialized and independent web hosting company that offers a fully managed platform that accelerates responsiveness, security, and performance of Wordpress based sites. This operates in conjunction with a design firm that utilizes the platform to offer modern design, speed, and updates in a recurring subscription based service.

When not working, I am doing my best to raise a son (2 1/2) with my wife. With a lawyer and an entrepreneur as parents, I'm excited to see him grow into a person who can argue his way out of chores and then crack the WiFi encryption if he isn't successful in making his case.

When not busy raising him, I am busy lowering my handicap in my never-ending attempt to join the PGA tour.


“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” - Albert Einstein

Work Experience

Systems Engineer

Applied Digital Solutions

January 2000 - January 2003

A precursor to Managed Services, Applied Digital was an IT service provider that served clients in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties.

Systems Engineer

Pacific Comtel

January 2003 - January 2005

Applied Digital Solutions in Monterey was acquired by Pacific Comtel as part of an agreement to expand services north, and south.

Systems Engineer

US Wired

January 2005 - January 2007

US Wired based in San Jose opened an office in Monterey and a group of the staff left Pacific Comtel to grow this office.


Central Coast Information Systems

May 2007 - January 2014

I founded Central Coast Information Systems in 2007 with a small team of staff aquired from the listed companies we worked for. The corporation was established with 3 partners. Due to various issues this required the removal of the original 2, leaving me as the sole shareholder. While technically still in operation, the name was changed to Franklin Technology Management as we grew to support clients outside of the Monterey area.


Franklin Technology Management

January 2014 - Today

"While new technology is essential to innovation, today’s solutions combine multiple technologies and vendors. Franklin Technology Management lets our clients keep complete control without dealing with the complexity of managing IT. We keep all critical components—including servers, firewalls, email, backup and phone systems—secure and running smoothly. Franklin Technology helps clients grow with confidence knowing their IT systems are ready and secure."


California State University at Monterey Bay

Telecommunications, Multimedia, and Applied Computing

1999 - 2004


Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider - Silver


Citrix Service Provider`


Citrix Solution Provider - Silver


VMWare Consulting Partner


Amazon Consulting Partner