Carter Avery

Provo, Utah, US

Carter's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Carter

With years of post baccalaureate experience managing small custom home building companies I found a need in the market for a software program/website that will empower home-owners in the design and cost estimation process of building their home. I have spent the last while validating the idea with potential customers and working on the business plan. Now we need to start working on the next iteration of our MVP to move toward seed funding. I am in my second year in the MBA program and will be working full-time in finance while working on this business on the side until it is ready to consume all my time.

I need someone who is a skilled engineer/programmer that is able to understand concepts that may be foreign to them, then work through the process of building the entire programming infrastructure for this business. Must be familiar with several different coding languages. Preferably has experience with drafting software. It is not for the week of heart, but it will be based on your availability. As the company grows you can grow with it as much as you desire and are capable or you can keep programming. Contact me for more details.